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Financial Summary of July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017 Fiscal Year

These numbers are drawn from audited financial statements.

Total Revenues and Support: $1.167 million

Contributions and Program Revenue: $1,165,573
Donated Services and materials: $783,122
Investment income and other: $2,217


Total Expenses: 1.130 million (99.6% Program Services)

Program Services: $1,130,431 (99.6%)
Administrative: $5,429 (.4%)

100% of all donations provide eye care to patients living in poverty in developing countries. Unite For Sight has other funding sources for the .4% of costs that are administrative expenses. Our financial model far exceeds the efficiency of other nonprofits by a wide margin.Learn more about our financial model.

Summary of 2017 International Program Services

As of June 30, 2017, our innovative programs provided the highest quality of care to 2.5 million of the world's poorest people, including more than 103,000 sight-restoring surgeries. The eye care is provided by local eye doctors.  Unite For Sight invests human and financial resources to develop each eye clinic's outreach infrastructure, and the programs are led, managed, and delivered by the local eye clinic's ophthalmologists and ophthalmic staff.  Unite For Sight and its partner eye clinics eliminate patient barriers to care by fully funding surgeries, bringing eye care services by local eye care professionals to the patients in their villages, providing transportation to the eye clinic for surgery as needed, and educating communities about blindness elimination.

During 2017, Unite For Sight provided eye care for more than 200,000 patients while coordinating and funding 3,641 sight-restoring surgeries for patients living in poverty.

As we continue to build the local capacity of our partner clinics, each clinic is able to reach increasing numbers of patients each month who would otherwise be unable to access or afford quality care. The eye care and surgeries were provided by the local ophthalmologists, optometrists, and ophthalmic nurses at Unite For Sight's partner eye clinics.

Impact: Quantitative Outcome Measurements

Summary of 2017 Annual Global Health & Innovation Conference at Yale University