GHIC 2020: Global Health & Innovation Conference
April 4-5, 2020 at Yale University and the Historic Shubert Theater
New Haven, Connecticut

Social Media, Storytelling, and Marketing

"Overcoming Barriers by Using Humor and Animation to Create a Cultural Shift," Firdaus Kharas, Chairman, Chocolate Moose Media and Global Shift

Firdaus Kharas, Chairman of Chocolate Moose Media and Global Shift, spoke at the Global Health and Innovation Conference about the use of humor in health education. Kharas began his talk with the topic of mass communications. He believes that the short video clips that Chocolate Moose Media makes are the most effective way to allow people of different cultures all over the world to learn about health practices. After a video clip is translated into 90 different languages (and edited to fit cultural norms), it has the potential to reach nearly six billion people in 150 different countries. Furthermore, mass communication allows for a great variety of topics and distribution formats. Kharas explained the necessity of humor in these video clips. He believes that change must come from within, and cannot be coerced; thus, humor is a more effective form of communication to employ than is preaching.

Kharas has created animated video clips on various health topics. Anyone can access and download these materials via his website So far, Kharas’s Three Amigos series on HIV/AIDS awareness and education has been used in over 100 countries and has received over 30 awards, including the Peabody Award. Take a look at the clip featuring three animated friends on a rocket waiting for lift-off…it got everybody in the crowd laughing.