GHIC 2019: Global Health & Innovation Conference
April 13-14, 2019
Yale University, New Haven, CT

Supporting Outstanding Ideas: Unite For Sight’s 2nd Annual GHIC Innovation Prize

Unite For Sight awarded Maxwell Chinnah, CEO and Co-Founder of Terraoak, Inc., with the 2nd annual $10,000 GHIC Innovation Prize at the 13th annual Global Health & Innovation Conference. Chinnah's innovative clean cookstove reduces smoke-pollution and consequently saves lives. Chinnah and his team said that they are “humbled and thankful for winning the $10,000 Innovation Prize, as it will better position Terraoak in the service of adding value and saving the innocent lives that die yearly from smoke pollution.” The first disbursement of funds will be used to purchase a feature in the Utility Patent-pending technology by which 19 cookstoves will produce electricity for charging mobile devices.

Unite For Sight recently hosted the 13th annual Global Health & Innovation Conference (GHIC), which is the world’s leading and largest global health and social entrepreneurship conference and which brings together over 2,000 professionals and students from all 50 states and more than 55 countries. The GHIC supports innovation that uses data, outcomes measurements, and the knowledge from local communities to make positive change.

The GHIC Innovation Prize is one of many aspects of the conference that supports new and effective ideas, programs, and organizations related to any field within health, development, education, or entrepreneurship. The Innovation Prize is a cash prize that is awarded to the best social impact pitches that are presented at the GHIC. Five expert judges, noted below, evaluated the semifinalists according to rigorous criteria, ensuring the pitched solutions adhere to evidence-based, locally-responsible, and outcomes-centered best practices.

All 17 semifinalists who pitched for the highly competitive Innovation Prize this year focused on locally-responsible and innovative solutions, with emphases on local collaborations and partners, as well as on detailed plans regarding data collection and outcome measurements.

Jason Kang, Co-Founder of Kinnos, and Adrian Lievano, Co-Founder and CEO of Everwaters, were each winners of the additional $2,000 GHIC Innovatoin Prize. On behalf of Kinnos, Kang said that he is honored to receive the prize, and the funds will be used to bring Highlight, a powdered additive for bleach solutions that greatly enhances decontamination of infectious diseases, “to the field to protect the lives of healthcare workers and patients.” Lievano notes, “After being awarded the GHIC innovative prize, with the approval of hundreds of global health experts, team Everwaters is further inspired and determined to commercialize plant-based water treatment technologies for the benefit of millions across the world."

Chinnah, Kang, and Lievano’s outstanding programs model the dedication and best practices present throughout the conference as leaders, changemakers, and participants engaged in dialogue and collaborated on cutting-edge, evidence-based ideas in global health, social entrepreneurship, and international development. The 3rd annual Innovation Prize has begun accepting submissions for the 2017 GHIC Innovation Prize.