GHIC 2019: Global Health & Innovation Conference
April 13-14, 2019
Yale University, New Haven, CT

GHIC Innovation Prize

The Innovation Prize is a $10,000 and a $5,000 cash prize that is awarded to the two best social impact pitches that are presented at the 2019 Global Health & Innovation Conference. All conference registrants -- both students and professionals, and both non-profit and for-profit organizations -- are eligible to apply for the Innovation Prize. Early-stage pitches and established-stage pitches are equally eligible for the $10,000 and $5,000 cash awards. The Innovation Prize supports outstanding ideas, programs, and organizations which are locally-developed and locally-responsible.

There are two categories for the Innovation Prize at the 2019 GHIC: Early Stage (idea, program, or organization is less than 3 years old, and ideas in the brainstorming stage are also eligible) and Established Stage (program or organization is 3-6 years old). A newer program (0-6 years old) that is within an established (7+ year old) organization qualifies for the Social Impact Lab category as well.

How do I apply?

What is the deadline?

The Innovation Prize application involves three stages:

  1. 250-word abstract. The final abstract submission deadline to apply for the Social Impact Lab was February 28, 2019. Abstracts submitted by the earlier deadlines are considered more favorably in the committee review since accepted presentations have ample time for continued program progression and evolution.
  2. 5-minute video pitch. For those invited to submit the video application, the 5-minute video application is due within two weeks of notification about the applicant's invitation to proceed to the next stage. Applicants are either accepted or denied as Social Impact Lab presenters at the 2019 Global Health & Innovation Conference.
  3. Additional 5-minute video with more comprehensive discussion about the pitch. All accepted to present in the Social Impact Labs at the Global Health & Innovation Conference are invited to apply for the semifinalist round of the GHIC Innovation Prize. In order to be accepted for the GHIC Innovation Prize semifinalist round, each applicant will have submitted one 250-word abstract and two 5-minute videos.

What is the Innovation Prize judging criteria?

Gain insight about the judging criteria from the GHIC Innovation Prize judges. What advice do the judges offer about how best to present your pitch in April?  How do you ensure a realistic program plan?  What are effective tools for outcomes measurements, and how can early-stage ideas and ventures incorporate concrete and effective plans for outcomes?  What are pitfalls to avoid? Before submitting a video, you may want to review this webinar with helpful tips from innovators and Innovation Prize judges.

The semi-finalists and finalists will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

Who are the judges?

Team members

The conference participant who will be in attendance and presenting the pitch must submit the Social Impact Lab abstract under their name. If selected for participation in the Social Impact Lab, the same team member must apply for the semi-finalist round, and thereafter present in the semi-finalist and finalist sessions.

Innovation Prize cash disbursement

The Innovation Prize must be used for the purposes presented to the judging panel. The Innovation Prize winners will receive the funds in three installments. The first 25% will be disbursed upon submission of a written budget and 1-page written plan for use of the funds. The winners will thereafter submit a written report and receipts for the use of the first 25%, as well as a written budget and 1-page written plan for the use of the next 50% of the funds. The final installment of 25% will be disbursed upon receipt of a written report and receipts for the use of the second funding disbursement.

Conference registration is required

Applying for the Social Impact Lab and for the GHIC Innovation Prize represents a commitment to attend the 2019 Global Health & Innovation Conference, irrespective of acceptance to present at the conference. The opportunity to apply for the opportunities is available only to those who plan to attend the conference for educational and networking purposes, and not to those who wish to attend exclusively for the opportunity to present. Therefore, all persons applying for the Social Impact Lab and for the Innovation Prize must register and submit payment to attend the conference at the time that they submit the social impact pitch abstract.

Innovation Prize Winners

Se the 2018 press release here. The recipients of the 2018 GHIC Innovation Prize:

The recipients of the 2017 GHIC Innovation Prize:

The recipients of the 2016 GHIC Innovation Prize:


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