GHIC 2018: Global Health & Innovation Conference
April 14-15, 2018
Yale University, New Haven, CT

2009 Past Conference Schedule

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

7:45am-8:15am Opening

8:15am-9:00am Keynote Address

9:05-9:50am Keynote Address

9:55-10:40am Keynote Address

10:45am - 1:00pm

Social Innovation & Health Delivery Lunch Forum - Creating, Leading, Designing, and Managing Health Care Delivery in Resource-Poor Settings. This special forum is for anyone interested in social innovation and health delivery, including students, physicians, nonprofits, public health professionals, and others interested or involved in global health or international development.Lunch is included.

Social Innovation & Health Delivery Lunch Forum Speakers and Discussants:

  • Keynote Address By Joia Mukherjee, MD, MPH, Medical Director, Partners in Health; Director, Institute for Health and Social Justice; Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School; Division of Social Medicine and Health Inequalities, Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • "Social Entrepreneurship and Public Health: Scaling Up Innovation," Gene Falk, Co-Founder, Executive Director, mothers2mothers
  • "For-Profit Microfranchise Clinics," Scott Hillstrom, Chairman of the Board, CEO and Co-Founder, HealthStore Foundation
  • "Training Refugees and Villagers As Community Health Workers," James Clarke, MD, Ophthalmologist and Medical Director, Crystal Eye Clinic, Ghana; Unite For Sight Partner
  • "Creating Lasting Change," Charles MacCormack, PhD, President and CEO, Save The Children
  • Discussion and Q&A:
    • Why is innovation important?
    • How do you design innovative health programs?
    • How do you lead and manage health care delivery in resource-poor settings?
    • What makes health programs succeed?
    • What works, and what doesn't work?

Session #AB:The Health of Vulnerable Children

  • "Holistic Children's Services For Orphans Abroad," Jane Aronson,MD, Director, International Pediatric Health Services; Founder and Executive Officer, Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO); Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Weill Medical College of Cornell University
  • "Pathways to Empathetic Psychosocial Care for Families Affected by HIV/AIDS, Poverty, and Violence in Southern Africa - Developing Local Capacity For Sustainable Intervention Practices on the Community Level," Jamie Lachman, Clowns Without Borders
  • "Why We Need Schools for Blind Girls,” Ajit Sinha, MBBS, Founder and Director, AB Eye Institute; Former President, All India Ophthalmological Society; Founder, Bihar Netraheen Parishad School For Blind Girls; Unite For Sight Partner

Session #AS: Strengthening the Capacity of Families and Communities

  • "Strengthening the Capacity of Families and Communities: A Foundation's Experience in Addressing Blindness," Steve Hilton, President and CEO, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
  • "Partnering to Achieve Greater Effectiveness in Preventing Blindness," Kathy Spahn, President and CEO, Helen Keller International
  • "Partnerships for Ensuring Quality Education for All," Steven Rothstein, President, Perkins School For The Blind
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1:00-2:30pm Sessions

Session #AB: The Cutting Edge in Global Health

Session #AC: The New Wave? Microfinance and Microfranchising in Health

Session #AS: Women’s Health and Rights

Session #L1: The Millennium Villages Model

Session #L2: Global Health Advocacy

Session #L3: Children's and Women's Health

Session #L5: Community-Based Health Strategies

Session #L21:Best and Worst Practices: Responsibile Health Interventions

Session #L31: Culture and Trust in Global Health

Session #W12: U.S. Health Care Delivery

Session #W16: Surgery and Global Health

Session #W17: The Role of Universities in Global Health Improvement

Session #W19: Global Health Service and Volunteerism

Session #W20: Training Students To Be New Leaders in Global Health

Session #W22: Strategies For Screening and Treating Eye Disease

Session #W23: Global Health Advocacy Workshop

Session #W28: Cutting Edge Health Strategies in Latin America

2:35-4:05pm Sessions

Session #AB: Health Care From The Grassroots

Session #AC: The Power of Ideas: Improving Health Through Social Entrepreneurship

Session #AS: Food Security and Health

Session #L1: Ethical Considerations in Public Health

Session #L2: Emerging Disease

Session #L3: Access to Care: New Technologies and Strategies

Session #L21: Rights-Based Approaches to U.S. Health Care Reform

Session #L31: You and Global Health

Session #W16: Why Are Millions Needlessly Blind?

Session #W17: Innovative Approaches and Challenges

Session #W19: The Burden of Illness and Health Strategies

Session #W20:  Entrepreneurial Volunteering: Above and Beyond International Service

Session W#22: Workshop: How To Create An NGO

Session W#28: Global Health Training Programs

Session W#21: Workshop: Design and Innovation in Health Care

4:10-5:40pm Sessions

Session #AB: Addressing Chronic Disease and Long-Term Health Needs

Session #AC: Innovative Models of Health Care

Session #AS: Technology and Global Health

Session #L1: Panel - Advice From The Experts: Careers in Global Health

Session #L2: Philanthropy and Investment Models: What Nonprofits Should Know

Session #L5: Community Health Education

Session #L21: What Frames Health Strategies?

Session #L31: The Importance and Facilitation of Global Collaborations

Session #W12: University Global Health Partnerships

Session #W16: Innovative Approaches To Overwhelming Need

Session #W17: Community-Based Strategies in Low-Resource Settings

Session #W19: Women’s Health

Session #W20: Young Leaders and Social Change

Session #W22: Workshop: Innovative Approaches to Educational Needs

Session #W28: Global Health and Global Education

Sunday, April 19, 2009

8:45am-9:35am Keynote Address

9:40am-10:25am Keynote Address

10:30am-11:10am Plenary Panel: "Mobilizing Entrepreneurial Engagement: You and Global Health"

11:15am-12:00pm "Taking Action: Effective Global Health Delivery" Plenary Panel

12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch

1:00-2:30pm Sessions

Session #M: Human Rights and Public Health

Session #W19: Innovative Tools for Education

Session #W16: Young Leaders and Social Change

Session #W28: Advances in Vision Care

2:35-4:05pm Sessions

Session #M: Global Health Inequalities and Little Discussed Health Needs

Session #W19: Public Health: Can Private Profits Be Harnessed For Public Gain?

Session #W28: How To Eliminate Patient Barriers To Care

4:10-5:40pm Sessions

Session #M: Epidemiology of Human Rights

Session #W28: "A Killer Bargain, A Film"