GHIC 2019: Global Health & Innovation Conference
April 13-14, 2019
Yale University, New Haven, CT

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April 16-17, 2011 - Confirmed Conference Speakers

2011 Confirmed Keynote Speakers

"Igniting Social Advocacy Through Social Media," Ken Cook, President, Environmental Working Group

"Pharmaceuticals For Humanity," Victoria Hale, PhD, Founder of Medicines360; Founder and Chair Emeritus, OneWorld Health

"Compassion and Efficiency in US Health Policy," Jeffrey Sachs, PhD, Director of Earth Institute at Columbia University; Quetelet Professor of Sustainable Development, Professor of Health Policy and Management, Columbia University; Special Advisor to Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon

"Progress in the Millennium Villages: Lessons for Scaling up Public Health," Sonia Ehrlich Sachs, MD, MPH, Director of Health, Millennium Village Project, Earth Institute at Columbia University

2011 Confirmed Featured Speakers

"Evaluation of Traumatic Neurological Injury Care in Ecuador Using the IATSIC/WHO Essential Guidelines for Trauma Care," Michel B. Aboutanos, MD, MPH, Director, International Trauma Systems Development, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center

"How Do You Know When You've Revolutionized An Industry?: Ashoka's Approach to Assessing Impact," Karabi Acharya, ScD, Change Leader, Ashoka

"Workshop - Social Entrepreneurs: Systems Thinking in Action," Karabi Acharya, ScD, Change Leader, Ashoka

"Evaluation of a Public Private Partnership to Improve Mental Health Services in Northern Uganda: Output, Metric, and Outcome Data," Stephen Alderman, MD, Peter C. Alderman Foundation

"Design Education in the Humanitarian Sphere: Designmatters Best Practices," Mariana Amatullo, Vice President, Director, Designmatters Department, Art Center College of Design

"Readying Orphans For Their Community: Models For Taking Orphans Out Of Isolation," Jane Aronson, MD, CEO and Founder of Worldwide Orphans Foundation; Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Cornell Weill Medical College and Columbia University

"Doctors as Storytellers: Using Our Stories For Social Change," Neal Baer, MD, Institute for Photographic Empowerment at USC's Annenberg School of Communications; Executive Producer, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

"Workshop - New Media For Global Health," Neal Baer, MD, Institute for Photographic Empowerment at USC's Annenberg School of Communications; Executive Producer, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

"A New Approach to HIV Prevention: Cash Transfers and Risk Reduction Among Adolescent Girls," Sarah Baird, Assistant Professor, George Washington University

"Investing in Adolescent Girls -- The Transition to Adulthood," Wendy Baldwin, Vice President, Poverty, Gender and Youth, Population Council

"High-Impact Social Entrepreneurship" Elmira Bayrasli, Director of Communications, Peace Dividend Trust

"Workshop - Social Entrepreneurship," Elmira Bayrasli, Director of Communications, Peace Dividend Trust

"Global Approaches to Global Health: Lessons Learned From The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise," Alan Bernstein, PhD, Executive Director, Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise

"Mobile Potential: Scaling Health Access," Matthew Berg, ICT Coordinator, Millennium Villages Project

"A Pivotal Moment: Advocating for Big Dreams in Difficult Times," Natasha Bilimoria, President, Friends of the Global Fight

"Enterprise Solutions to Sustainable Social Change," Ron Bills, Chairman & CEO, Envirofit International

"Global Health Innovation Partnerships - Accelerating Access to Medical Technologies in Tanzania," Jeffrey Blander, ScD, President, Bienmoyo Foundation

"Asking The Right Questions: Lessons Learned From The Cuban Health System," Peter Bourne, MA, MD, Visiting Scholar, Oxford University; Vice Chancellor Emeritus, St. George's University; Formerly Special Assistant to the President of the United States for Health Issues; Chair, Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC)

"Workshop - Improving Organizational Performance in Low-Income Settings," Elizabeth Bradley, PhD, Professor of Public Health, Division of Health Policy & Administration; Director, Health Management Program; Director, Global Health Initiatives, Yale School of Public Health

"Doctors With Borders," Michael Brennan, MD, American Academy of Ophthalmology Past President, Alamance Eye Center

"Itinerant Physicians and Shifting Moral Economies: Cuba's International Medical Programs," P. Sean Brotherton, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Yale University

"Orchestration of the Host Immune Response by Malaria Parasites," Richard Bucala, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, Pathology and Epidemiology and Public Health, Yale University School of Medicine

"Making a Public Health Difference at the Community Level: The Peace Corps Experience," Buck Buckingham, Director, Office of AIDS Relief, Peace Corps

"Innovations and Technologies for Resource Constrained Settings: Opportunities and Strategies," Thomas F. Burke, Chief, Division of Global Health and Human Rights, Massachusetts General Hospital; Departments of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics, MGH; Division of General Pediatrics, Children's Hospital Boston; Assistant Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School; Associate Professor, KCA University and Victoria Institute for Science and Technology, Kisumu, Kenya

"Storytelling for Action: How Nonprofit Journalism Can Empower Staff, Supporters and Beneficiaries," Roger Burks, Senior Writer, Mercy Corps, Co-Founder, Pictographers

"Maternal Health and Societal Development," Sharon Camp, President and CEO, Guttmacher Institute

"Vision Research Advances and Opportunities in Global Health," Deborah Carper, Deputy Director, National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health

"Strategies to Prevent Maternal Mortality in Latin America and the Caribbean," Arachu Castro, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Social Medicine, Program in Infectious Disease and Social Change, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Partners in Health

"Living Goods: A Sustainable System for Improving Child Survival Through Avon-Like Networks of Women Health Promoters," Molly Christiansen, Manager, Health Practices and Business Development, Living Goods

"Meet The Editor: How To Write For Global Health Journals," Jocalyn Clark, Senior Editor, PLoS Medicine

"Randomized Trials in Malaria: Questions, Answers and More Questions," Jessica Cohen, PhD, Assistant Professor of Global Health, Harvard School of Public Health

"The Impact of Impact Investing," Josh Cohen, Managing Partner, City Light Capital

"Proof of Sustainable Eye Care Systems in Africa, The Only Way To V2020," Kate Coleman, BSc, PhD, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Executive Chairman, Right To Sight

"10 Americans: An Inconvenient Truth for Environmental Health," Ken Cook, President, Environmental Working Group

"Telling the Story: Documentary Photography for NGOs," Thatcher Cook, Documentary Photographer, Pictographers

"Accelerating Impact: Incubation and Skill-Building For Social Change," Cindy Cooper, Director, Social Innovation Incubator, School of Business Administration, Portland State University

"Public Health Aspects of Surgical Care," Scott Corlew, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Interplast

"Evolving Best Practices for KAP Surveys," Pierre Cremieux, President, Medical Aid Committee

"Can Business Really Make a Lasting Difference in Communities? The Case for People-Centered Development," Dean Cycon, Founder and CEO, Dean's Beans Organic Coffee Co.

"Outcome Mapping Measures Knowledge and Behavior Changes Due To T. Solium Education," Cate Dewey, Professor of Epidemiology and Health Management; Chair, Department of Population Medicine, University of Guelph

"The Evolution of Development and Urgent Need for a Genetic Jump," Mark Dybul, Distinguished Visiting Scholar and Co-Director of the Global Health Law Program, O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Georgetown University; Inaugural Global Health Fellow, George W. Bush Institute

"Global Mobile Surveys," Nathan Eagle, CEO, txteagle Inc; Visiting Assistant Professor, MIT Media Lab; Research Assistant Professor, Northeastern Computer Science; Omidyar Fellow, Santa Fe Institute

"Innovation Partnerships in Public Health," Robert Fabricant, Vice President of Creative, Frog Design Inc.

"The Demand Side: Social Innovation and Gaps in Global Health," Gene Falk, Co-founder and President, mothers2mothers

"Enterprise Solutions to Poverty," Michael Fairbanks, co-Founder, SEVEN

"Good Technology, Bad Implementation: Designing Effective Tools For Global Health," Noel Wilson, Catapult Design

"Emerging Technologies for Mobile Health," Rich Fletcher, PhD, Research Scientist, MIT Media Lab

"Pediatric Vision Screening in Western Hunan Province," Susan Forster, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Director of Medical Studies, Yale School of Medicine; Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science Chief of Ophthalmology, Yale University Health Services

"Collaborative Development of Open Source Medical Record Systems in Developing Countries: The OpenMRS Experience," Hamish Fraser, MBChB, MRCP, MSc, Director of Informatics and Telemedicine, Partners in Health; Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School; Associate Physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

"Energy for All: Powering the Millennium Development Goals," Robert Freling, Executive Director, Solar Electric Light Fund

"Making Microfinance Institutions Disability Inclusive," Joshua Goldstein, Principal Director for Economic Citizenship and Disability Inclusion, Center for Financial Inclusion at ACCION International

"Tempting Food Links to Global 'Curative' Traps," Martin Gordon, MD, FAAAS, Emeritus Chairman and Lifetime Trustee, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library Board; Prior Clinical Professor of Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine

"Fighting Fistula: The Power of Partnerships," Kate Grant, Executive Director, The Fistula Foundation

"Scaling Up Clean Off-Grid Lighting Solutions For Base of Pyramid," Gaurav Gupta, Partner, Dalberg Global Development Consultants

"Wireless Adherence Monitoring Technology," Jessica Haberer, MD, MS, Research Scientist, Harvard Institute for Global Health; Assistant in Health Decision Sciences, Massachusetts General Hospital; Instructor, Harvard Medical School

"The Effect of Cooking Stoves on Health: Evidence From A Randomized Experiment in India," Rema Hanna, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

"A View from a Death in the Morning: Emergent Disease in Kenya's Emerging Democracy," Rebecca Hardin, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan

"Improving Aid for Health and the Critical Role of Ministries of Health," Cecil Haverkamp, Coordinator Strategic Partnerships and Global Health Practice, Harvard School of Public Health

"The Impact of Surgical Intervention in Nepal: A Case Study of an Integrated Reconstructive Surgery Program," Susan Hayes, President and CEO, Interplast

"Not Everyone Cares: Marketing Your Cause in a Cluttered Marketplace," Scott Henderson, Principal at CauseShift and Campaign Manager of

"Workshop - Breaking Thru The Clutter: How to Market Your Cause and Attract New Champions," Scott Henderson, Principal at CauseShift and Campaign Manager of

"Global Health Education: Policies, Practices, and Innovations in Organizations and Systems," Brian Heuser, M.T.S., Ed.D., Assistant Professor of the Practice of International Education Policy, Department of Leadership, Policy and Organizations; Peabody College, Vanderbilt University

"Proceedings From The African Glaucoma Summit," Leon Herndon, MD, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Glaucoma Service, Duke University Eye Center

"Workshop - Myths and Realities of Starting a Nonprofit," Maurice Segall and Rick Hobish, JD, Pro Bono Partnership, Inc.

"BOPportunities: New Business Models for Prevention," Paul Hudnut, Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise Program, College of Business-Colorado State University; Founder and Director, Envirofit International

"Global Infertility and the Millennial Challenge of Reproductive 'Tourism,'" Marcia Inhorn, MPH, PhD, William K. Lanman Jr. Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs Chair, Council on Middle East Studies

"Free mHealth eHealth Software for Rural Hospitals," Bobby Jefferson, Health IT Project Manager, Futures Group

"Project Firefly: Next-Generation Infant Phototherapy for Developing Countries," Elizabeth Johansen, Director of Product Development, Design That Matters

"Farmers First: Scaling a Permanent and Sustainable End To Hunger," Tony Kalm, Director of Business Development, One Acre Fund

"Delivering Eye Care to 3.5 Million in Liberia," Kartee Karloweah, Ophthalmic Nurse, New Sight Eye Centre, Liberia

"Global Health Disparities: Closing The Gap Through Good Governance," Enku Kebede-Francis, PhD, MS, MEd, Assistant Professor, Tufts University Medical School

"Making Universal Access to MDR-TB Treatment a Reality: The Path Forward," Salmaan Keshavjee, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School

"Food Industry's Role in Finding Solutions to Global Nutrition Challenges," Mehmood Khan, CEO, Global Nutrition Group, Chief Scientific Officer, PepsiCo

"Ethical Challenges With Short-Term Global Health Research Projects," Kaveh Khoshnood, PhD, Assistant Professor in Public Health Practice, Division of Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases, Yale School of Public Health

"I of the Needle," Marc Koska, Founder, SafePoint Trust

"Ecological Sanitation in Emergencies: Turning Wastes into Resources in Post-Earthquake Haiti," Sasha Kramer, PhD, Co-founder and Executive Director, Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL); Adjunct Professor, Department of International Studies, University of Miami

"The Road to Hell: Good Intentions and Ethics in Global Health & Disaster Response," Gregory Luke Larkin, MD, Professor & Chief, Section of International Emergency Medicine & Global Health, Department of Emergency Medicine, Yale School of Medicine

"How To Create a Social Venture," Moses Lee, Entrepreneurship Academic Program Manager and Lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship, University of Michigan

"How Do You Know What An NGO Is Achieving: Setting The Gold Standard in Vetting," Harry Leibowitz, Founder, World of Children Awards

"New Initiatives to Promote Locally-Driven Solutions," Neal Lesh, Creative Director of Special Projects, Dimagi, Inc.

"Making Good Fortune: When Aid Hurts," Jeremy Levine, Producer, Good Fortune; Filmmakers Transient Pictures

"Film Screening: GOOD FORTUNE,"Jeremy Levine, Producer, Good Fortune; Filmmakers Transient Pictures

"Dollar Enterprise -- $1 Can Change The World," Kathleen Liang, Professor, University of Vermont

"Zilch: The Power of Zero in Business," Nancy Lublin, CEO, Do Something

"Building Widespread Political Support for Newborn, Child and Maternal Health," Charles MacCormack, President and CEO, Save The Children

"Accessing Enterprise Aspects in Traditional International Development Programs," David McGinty, Director, Deep Spring International

"Better Language for Better Health" Bob McKinnon, Founder and President, YELLOWBRICKROAD Communications

"HIV Prevention -- What Progress Toward A Vaccine? And When?" John McGoldrick, JD, Chairman, Zimmer Holdings, Inc., and Special Advisor, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)

"Collective Rights to HIV Prevention: Human Rights for the Public's Health," Benjamin Mason Meier, JD, LLM, PhD, Assistant Professor of Global Health Policy, Department of Public Policy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"The Power of Social Entrepreneurship to Change an Industry," Jeff Mendelsohn, CEO, New Leaf Paper

"Workshop - The Power of Social Entrepreneurship to Change an Industry," Jeff Mendelsohn, CEO, New Leaf Paper

"Health and Microfinance: Leveraging The Strengths of Two Sectors to Alleviate Poverty," Marcia Metcalfe, Director, Microfinance and Health, Freedom From Hunger

"Scale-Up of a Pilot Intervention to Improve Immunization Coverage in Northern Mozambique: Use of Impact Evaluation and Cost Study for Advocacy," Becca Miller, VillageReach

"Blindness Prevention in Developing Nations: A Pictorial Narrative," Nader Moinfar, Magruder Eye Institute and University of Central Florida School of Medicine, Orlando, Florida

"Market-Based Innovations in Healthcare Delivery: A Case Study of LifeSpring Hospitals," Tricia Morente, Head of Strategy and Marketing, LifeSpring Hospitals

"Poor Architecture: New Models of Design Practice and Empowerment Through the Resource Constrained Built Environment," Michael Murphy, Executive Director and Co-Founder, MASS Design Group

"Clean Energy -- A Key to Health and Development," Anne Murray, Senior Development Officer, E+CO

"The Production of MakaPads Sanitary Pads as a Social Economic Enterprise," Moses Musaazi, PhD, Professor and former Head, Electrical Engineering Department, Makerere University, Founder and Managing Director of Technology for Tomorrow Limited, Innovator of MakaPads sanitary pads

"Partnerships Abroad: Cheapter, Smarter, Kinder," Steve Nagler, Director Global Partnership Intiaitive, Hole in the Wall Camps

"Health and Wealth: Empowering Vulnerable Women in Ethiopia," Gwenelyn O'Donnell-Blake, Senior Technical Officer for Food Security, Project Concern International

"Know What I Really Need? Participatory Medical Device Design and Implementation," Kristian R. Olson, MD, MPH, DTM&H, Inpatient Clinician Educator Service, MGH; Program Leader, CIMIT Global Health Initiative; Executive Committee, MGH Center for Global Health; Instructor, Harvard Medical School

"Photonics Based Telemedicine Technologies Toward Smart Global Health Systems," Aydogan Ozcan, PhD, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, California NanoSystems Institute, UCLA

"Advocating for the Best Solutions in Global Health & Education, and Getting Results," Ken Patterson, RESULTS Educational Fund, Global Grassroots Manager

"Pharmaceutical CSR - The Shift Towards Shared Value," Kyle Peterson, Managing Director, FSG Social Impact Advisors

"Workshop - Design Global Change," Natacha Poggio, Assistant Professor, University of Hartford

"Empowering Women to Have The Children They Want Safely," Malcolm Potts, MB, BChir, PhD, FRCOG, Bixby Professor, School of Public Health, University of California Berkeley

"Bottom Up Entrepreneurship," Iqbal Quadir, Founder and Director, Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship, MIT

"Health Systems Strengthening in Fragile States - What Do We Know? Examples From MSH Work," Jonathan D. Quick, MD, MPH, President & CEO, Management Sciences for Health

"Leveraging Online Data for Decisions and Impact," Suzanne Rainey, Forum One Communications

"Bioethical Considerations in Surgical Volunteerism," Aron Rose, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

"Microbicides for HIV Prevention: New Science, New Hope," Zeda Rosenberg, CEO, International Partnership for Microbicides

"YOUTH ZONES: A Film and Poetry Initiative on Young People from Conflicts and Natural Disasters," Lisa Russell, MPH, Filmmaker

"Low Cost, Easy To Use, Point of Care Diagnostics for the Developing World," Una Ryan, OBE, PhD, DSc, CEO, Diagnostics For All

"From Taking Lives to Saving Lives: Training Male Health Providers in Family Planning and Reproductive Health in Conflict-Prone Afghanistan," Taraneh Salke, Executive Director, Family Health Alliance

"How To Develop a Sustainable Eye Care Plan for Rural Regions," Sarangadhar Samal, Director, Kalinga Eye Hospital; Unite For Sight Partner

"Workshop: Community-Level Action and Impact in India," Sarangadhar Samal, Director, Kalinga Eye Hospital; Unite For Sight Partner

"A Rapid Community-Based Maternal Mortality and Obstetric Fistula Prevention Project," Anders Seim, MD, MPH, Founder, Health & Development International

"Start With Why," Simon Sinek, Sinek Partners, Renowned Leadership Expert and Author of Start With Why

"Maternal and Child Health Care Training and Routine Practices Among Health Care Facilities in Rwanda," Heather Sipsma, Associate Research Scientist, Yale University School of Public Health

"Access to Essential Technologies for Safe Childbirth in Africa and Asia," Jonathan Spector, Pediatrician and Neonatologist, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health

"WE CARE Solar - Bringing Light to Maternal Health Care," Laura Stachel, MD, MPH, UC Berkeley School of Public Health; Co-Founder, WE CARE Solar

"First Do No Harm: Tackling Disrespect and Abuse of Women During Childbirth," Mary Ellen Stanton, USAID Senior Maternal Health Advisor

"Innovation & Outcomes: Understanding and Maximizing Impact" Jennifer Staple-Clark, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Unite For Sight

"Breaking the Cycle of Aid Dependency: Empowering Rural Ugandans With Education and Prevention," Jessie Stone, Director, Soft Power Health

"Empowering Better Care: An Innovative Economic Strenghtening Model for OVC Caregivers," Brian Swarts, Technical Advisor Microfinance, Salvation Army World Service Office

"Spurring Innovation to Make Historic Leaps in Development: New Challenges and Opportunities," Wendy Taylor, Senior Advisor, Innovative Finance and Public Private Partnerships, USAID

"Sustainable Development Through Carbon Finance and Social Enterprise: Case Studies in Kenya, Rwanda, and Afghanistan," Evan A. Thomas, PhD, P.E. Executive Vice President, Manna Energy Limited

"Rescuing the Bottom Billion Through Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases," Wangechi Thuo, Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases, Sabin Vaccine Institute

"Patient Adherence to Glaucoma Medications: Current Concepts," James C. Tsai, MD, Robert R. Young Professor and Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Yale University School of Medicine; Chief of Ophthalmology, Yale-New Haven Hospital

"Overcoming Barriers to Launching Student-Initiated Health Enterprises," Jill Tucker, Senior Program Officer, Lemelson Foundation

"Global HIV Prevention," Sten Vermund, MD, PhD, Director, Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health

"Global Strategies and Innovation to Ensure Drug Safety for Patients," Prashanth Visweswaran, Vice President Corporate Strategy, Drug Safety Alliance

"It's How You Play The Game: Integrating Learning Games For Girls Into Savings Groups of Mothers," Ellen VorderBruegge, Trustee, Reach Global

"Innovations in Professionalizing Humanitarian Assistance," Peter Walker, Rosenberg Professor of Nutrition and Human Security; Director of the Feinstein International Center, Tufts University

"Hearing The Unheard Cry: Strategies to Save Newborn Lives at Scale," Steve Wall, Senior Newborn Health Research Advisor, Save The Children

"From Volume to Value: Paths to Sustaining at Scale," Rebecca Weintraub, Executive Director, Global Health Delivery Project

"WaterCredit: Driving Financial Innovation in Water Supply & Sanitation For The Poor," Gary White, Executive Director and Co-Founder,

"Design For Inclusion," Jocelyn Wyatt, Social Innovation Lead, IDEO

"Narrowing The Gap Between Evidence and Action in Global Health," Gavin Yamey, MD, MA, MRCP, Lead, Evidence to Policy Initiative (E2Pi), Global Health Group

"Filter Paper as an Appropriate, Low-Cost Medium for Spectrophotometric Detection of Blood Hemoglobin Concentration," Jasper Yan, Researcher, Beyond Traditional Borders, Rice University

"ECOfashion: An ECOpreneur's Journey to Transform the Global Textile Industry," Marci Zaroff, Founder and CEO, FASE; Founder, Under the Canopy

2011 Confirmed Social Enterprise Pitch Speakers

The 2011 Global Health & Innovation Conference includes special sessions where selected participants will present their new idea in the format of a 5-minute social enterprise pitch. Following the pitch, there is a 5-minute period for questions and answers, as well as feedback from the audience. This will provide participants with an opportunity to formulate and present their idea, collaborate with others interested in their idea, and receive feedback and ideas from other conference participants. Professionals and students are eligible to submit a social enterprise pitch.

"Community Participation to improve Transparency, Accountability, and Usage of a Hospital in Rural Nepal," Bibhav Acharya, Medical Student, Yale School of Medicine; Nyaya Health

"Cultural Competence in Latina Prenatal Care in the U.S.: Reaching and Teaching the Culturally Unknowledgeable Clinician," Rachel Adler, Professor of Anthropology, The College of New Jersey

"Rural Sales Program," Asif Ahmed, Program Director Economic Empowerment, CARE Bangladesh

"Low Cost High Quality Technologies for Women," Zubaida Bai, CEO, AYZH Inc.

"Potatoes for Peace," Sima Barmania, BMedsci, MBBS, MPH

"New Eyewear for All -- Dignity Choice Quality Equality -- Transitioning to Custom Eyewear,"Paul Berman, President, Focus Eye Health and Vision Care Consulting

"Medical/Vaccine Reminder Bracelet," Lauren Braun, Undergraduate, Cornell University

"Workforce and Livelihood Development as HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategies," Paul Brown, Executive Director, Global Youth for Education and Change

"Commercialization of infantAIR: A CPAP System for the Developing World," Jocelyn Brown, Program Associate, Global Health Technologies, Rice 360º: Beyond Traditional Borders Initiative"

"Bringing Hemodialysis Therapy to Low Resource Areas," Bryan Carter, Principal Abbey Engineering

"FORWARD--Mental Health Relief Through Creative Micro-financial Investments," Alexandra Charrow, Medical Student, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

"Replicable Model for the Rehabilitation of Recovering IDUs through Social Enterprises," Shirley Lin Chunxu, Co-Founder and Program Officer, Pact China

"The Better Health Project: Más Saúdi pa Cabo Verde," Tim Comeaux, Executive Director, Better Health Project / Más Saúdi pa Cabo Verde

"Sustainable Distribution of Rocket Stoves in Kigoma, Tanzania," Stephanie Crocker, Undergraduate, Dartmouth College

"Sustainable Education of AIDS Orphans Using Permaculture," Cate Dewey, Professor of Epidemiology and Health Management; Chair, Department of Population Medicine, University of Guelph

"An Industry Driven Approach to Mobility and HIV," Luke Disney, Executive Director, North Star Alliance

"Micromanaging Malaria - Decreased Mortality with Village Techs," Matthew Downen, Medical Student, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

"Channeling Development Assistance to Results," Alex Ergo, PhD, Senior Health Economist, Broad Branch Associates

"Trust-Building Model for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs): Accounting for Ethical Social Cultural and Commercialization Issues," Obidimma Ezezika, PhD, Program Leader in Ethics, McLaughlin-Rotman Center for Global Health, University of Toronto

"Kuska Peru," Kimberly Faldetta, Medical Student, Penn State College of Medicine

"African Innovation Prize Business Plan Competition," Julia Fan Li, PhD Student, University of Cambridge

"Pupa Power: Edible Insects for Children to Prevent and Treat Malnutrition," Frank Franklin, MD, MPH, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Public Health, University of Alabama at Birmingham

"The Transitions Project: Social & Economic Integration of Orphaned Youth Aging Out of Care," Shelby French, Executive Director, The International Organization for Adolescents

"Sim Worldwide - Broadcasting Simulation Education," Christopher Gallagher, MD, Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, Stony Brook University

"Mobile Communication Technology For Community Health Programs: Lessons Learned and Preparation For Scaled Deployment of Integrated Solutions," Annette Ghee, MPH, PhD, World Vision International

"A Community Health Worker Network: Building Social Capital," Kate Grimm, MD, SUNY Buffalo; Kaleida Health

"But Will the Private Sector Create Affordable Insurance After Reform?: An Update on Our Disruptive Project," Sahil Gujral, Founder, Cheaper Health Insurance

"Social Journal - Providing Youth With The Inspiration and Information to Turn Their Ideas For Social Change Into Tangible, Working Projects," Kanika Gupta, Founder, Social Journal

"Building Emergency Medical Systems in Developing Countries: Lessons From India and Kenya," Fred Hagigi, Professor of Health Services; Director of Executive Education Programs in Healthcare Management & Policy and the EMPH Program, UCLA

"Back to the Roots," Kai Itameri-Kinter, Sales Manager, North Atlantic Region, Back to the Roots

"Assessment of the Development of Virtual Forums for the Ponseti Method in Latin America," Asitha Jayawardena, Medical Student, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

"Overcoming Transportation Barriers for Community Health Workers Through Distribution of Bicycles: A Pilot Project in Rural Kenya," Lorelei Johnson, Medical Student, University of British Columbia

"Sally Centrifuge: A Hand-Powered, Portable, Low-Cost Centrifuge for Diagnosing Anemia in Low Resource Settings," Lila Kerr, Undergraduate, Rice University, Beyond Traditional Borders

"Agriculture For Asylum Seekers," Melodie Kinet, MPH/MBA Candidate, Johns Hopkins University

"The Physician Ultrasound in Rwanda Education Initiative - PURE," Elizabeth Krebs, Emergency Medicine Resident, Ultrasound in Rwanda Project

"A Breakthrough in HIV Diagnostics: Bringing The Clinic to Anyone, Anywhere," Doug Kroncke, Vice President, Program Development, Continuum

"Fashioning Change: Income-Generation for HIV-positive Men and Women in South Africa," Erin Lane, Professor of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of British Columbia

"Business Education For Butcherman To Reduce Public Health Risks," Mike Levy, MSc Student, University of Guelph

"Boda Boda Bicycle Tours: Improving the Perception of Sustainable Transportation in Uganda," Justin Loiseau, Undergraduate, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

" A Pinch of Inspiration and a Handful of Perspiration - iLEAD Creations," Aishwarya Mahajan, Aide et Action, India

"Increasing The Global Impact of Short-Term Surgical Service Trips Via Evidence-Bsed Training Modules For Local Health Workers," Rajshri Mainthia, MD Student, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

"Accurate Point of Care Online/Mobile Application for Evaluation and Follow Up of Child Malnutrition," Martin Malachovsky, CEO, Maventy Health International

"Public Health Leadership and Community Health Workers," Laura McNulty, Executive Director, Health Horizons International

"A Functional Public Toilet for Pokuase and Its Implications for Human Dignity, Health, Education, and Development in West Africa and Beyond," Stephen Mecca, Professor, Department of Engineering-Physics-Systems, Providence College

"Voltaic Systems Redesigns the Solar Light," Shayne McQuade, CEO, Voltaic Systems Inc

"Feed My Future," Mehdi Moutahir, Professor, Johnson & Wales University

"Economic Empowerment Through Savings and Seed Funding for Disadvantaged Women in Rural Uganda," Akhila Narla, Co-founder, Crafts By Youth

"eToolkits: The Tailored Approach to Virtual Health Communication," Angela Nash-Mercado, Senior Content Manager, Knowledge for Health Project, Johns Hopkins University / CCP

"Kenya Early Infants Diagnosis Project," Aziz Mohamed, Manager, Office of Global Social Innovation, HP

"Co-Op Audio: MP3 Education for Rural Women," Deborah Naybor, Director, Both Your Hands

"Malo Traders," Mohamed Ali Niang, CEO, Malo Traders

"Women Deliver: Enlisting Youth to Achieve MDG5 and ICPD," Janna Oberdorf, Communications Manager, Women Deliver

"Towards The Development of a Low-Cost, Rapid Bacterial Biosensor Using Bacteriophages," Ravendra Naidoo, Undergraduate Student, University of British Columbia

"10for10: Taking Ownership of the Future Risks to our Health," Barry Peters, Reader and Consultant, HIV/Infectious Diseases, Kings College, London

"A Depression Reduction Program for the Women of Rural Ecuador: Empowering Women in an Area of Gender Inequality Through Community-Based Treatment," Alison Peterson, MPH Student, The Dartmouth Institute

"A Mobile Telehealth Infrastrastructure for Chronic Illness Care in Low-Income Countries," John Piette, Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan

"'Tax Return' Funding For Public Health," Terrilynn Fox Quillen, Indiana University School of Nursing

"Global Introduction of an Affordable Contraceptive Implant," Kate Rademacher, Technical Officer, Family Health International

"Honey Bee Stings Sugar Cane: Building Healthy Markets," Guadalupe Ramirez, President, Highland Women's Association

"Platforms for Sustainable Health Systems in New Delhi, India," Britt Reiersgord, Master's Student, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver

"A Cleaner Cut: Using Provider Certification to Make Male Circumcisions for HIV Prevention Cheaper and Safer," Michael Richards, MD, MPH, Doctoral Student, Yale University

"MANDATE: Defining Maternal and Neonatal Product Needs and Profiles," Doris Rouse, Vice President, Global Health, RTI International

"A Paradigm for Promoting Healtcare Policy and Hospital Management in Developing Countries," David Roye, Chief of Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery, Morgan Stanley’s Children’s Hospital of NYP; St. Giles Professor of Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery, Columbia University

"Building a Portable Gynecological Examination Table for Low-Resource Communities," Emily Ryan, Undergraduate, Hampshire College

"Haiti Medical Education (HME) Project," Galit Sacajiu, MD, MPH, Medical Education Director, HME Project

"Innovative Process Improvement on the Smear Microscopy Platform for Tuberculosis Diagnostics," Pankaj Sadaphal, Senior Technical Advisor, TB & Infectious Diseases, University Research Co.

"Sustainable Energy as a Health Intervention in Colombia," David Sanders, MD/MPH Student, Oregon Health and Science University

"ASHAs as Social Entrepreneurs: Developing Businesses Around the Percolation of Baby Warmers and Birth Kits," W. Sita Shankar, Director of Maternal & Child Health / Nutrition, PATH

"Country Coordination and Facilitation as an Effective Mechanism to Address Human Resources for Health Challenges," Mubashar Sheikh, Executive Director, Global Health Workforce Alliance, WHO

"Making Social Impact Assessment More Reliable and More Accessible," Thierry Sibieude, Professor, Department Chairperson, Social Entrepreneurship Chair, Co-Director of the Urban Management Institute

"Income Generation to Encourage Health Learning (IGEHL) -- A Bird's Eye View of Health Infrastructure Building with Human Capital," Gina Siddiqui, MD Student, University of Pennsylvania

"DoseRight Syringe Clips: Addressing the Inaccurate Dosing of Liquid Medications," Garrett Spiegel, Program Associate, Global Health Technologies, Rice 360º: Beyond Traditional Borders Initiative

"HealthBox, Think, Test, Treat, Link," Freya Spielberg, MD, MPH, Senior Health Specialist, RTI International

"Franchising Africa's Medical Clinics," Michael Spraggins, LifeNet International

"The International Nurse Faculty Partnership," Nancy Street, Doctoral Candidate, Harvard School of Public Health

"HAPPY - Hypertension Awareness & Prevention Program at Yale: A Student-Led Initiative to Tackle Chronic Hypertension in the New Haven Homeless Population," Tony Su, Undergraduate, Yale University

"Health for All in the Digital Age: Technology to Support Community Health Workers and Trainers," Dorothy Tegeler, Editor, Hesperian

"Do More With Less: Improved Critical Decision Making in Disasters," Anthony Tomassoni, Medical Director, Yale New Haven Center for Emergency Preparedness

"New Media Solutions for Frontline Health Workers," Deborah Van Dyke, Director, Global Health Media Project

"PartoPants(TM) and PRONTO2: The $20.00 Birth Simulator, Making Emergency Simulation Training Available Globally," Dilys Walker, ASsociate Professor in Obstetrics adn Gynecology and Global Health, University of Washington

"Putting the Patient First: Improving Outcomes through Patient Literacy and Clinic Tools Shared Among NGOs on a Global Scale," Benjamin Wallace, Medical Student, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine

"Affordable, Accessible, and Comprehensive Eye Exams for the World," Alexander Walsh, Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, Doheny Eye Institute, USC

"Maternova: A Total Marketplace For Tools and Ideas For Saving Mothers and Newborns," Meg Wirth, President, Maternova, Inc.

"Ethnography of Health Issue and HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs in China's Urban Sex Industry," Tiantian Zheng, Professor of Anthropology, State University of New York, Cortland

Many additional social enterprise pitch speakers will be announced. Interested in presenting a social enterprise pitch?

Social enterprise pitches are accepted on a rolling application deadline. The first qualified submissions are accepted. Complete submission details can be seen at

2011 Student Leaders in Global Health Speakers

Student abstract submitters who are selected for oral presentation will give their presentations in the "Student Leaders in Global Health" conference sessions.

"HIV Spending as a Share of Total Health Expenditure: An Analysis of Regional Variation in a Multi-Country Study," Peter Amico, PhD Student, Brandeis University Heller School

"Barriers to Preventative Glaucoma Care in Accra, Ghana," Trent Bowen, Student, Arizona State University

"Burden and Depression on Caregivers of Blind Patients in India," Puneet Braich, Medical Student, Ross University School of Medicine

"Risk Factors for Moderate and Severe Glaucoma in a Ghanaian Population," Yifan Chen, Student, Yale University

"Using Performance-Based Contracting to Improve Commuunity Health Action in Liberia," Rachel Criswell, Master's Student, Columbia University

"Unmet Need for Eyeglasses: Results from Los Angeles County Hospital Survey," Lloyd Cuzzo, Medical Student, University of Southern California

"Exploring Preferred Incentive Strategies for Community-Based Health Workers Providing Antenatal Care Services in Rural Ghana," Cheryl Dinglas, Medical Student, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine

"Cesarean Delivery and Incidence of Severe Complications of Childbirth in North-Central Liberia," Matthew Gartland, Medical Student, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

"Voices from the Inside: Prison Healthcare in Arica, Chile," Lily Hoffman, Student, New York University

"An American Neonatal Resuscitation Curriculum in sub-Saharan Africa: Did It Change Newborn Outcomes?" Michael Hole, Medical Student, Stanford University School of Medicine

"HIV Prevalence and Determinants of HIV Risk Behavior in a Severely Mentally Ill Population in Cape Town, South Africa," Scott Hunter, Medical Student, Yale University School of Medicine

"Gender and Access to Acute Care in Northern Tanzania," Emma Neff, Medical Student, Duke University Medical Center

"Gender and Cultural Difference in Attitudes Towards Family Planning in the Dangme West District of Ghana," Katherine Rogan, Student, Georgetown University

"Nigeria National Blindness and Visual Impairment Survey: Visual Function and Quality of LIfe Findings," Hang Tran, MPH Student, George Washington University

"Factors Involved in the Choice Between Surgery and Couching for Cataract Treatment in Northern Ghana," Lauren Wallace, Student, University of Guelph

"Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Depression and Antiretroviral Adherence: An Evaluation of Support Groups on the Mental Health of HIV+ Rwandan Women," Paige Walstrom, Public Health Student, Brown University

"Gender Inequities in Sexual Risks among Youth with HIV in Kigali, Rwanda," Sara Wiseman, Public Health Student, University of Illinois, Chicago