Module 20: Innovations in Waste Management

Case Study: Ciudad Saludable(1)

Ciudad Saludable is an organization of people and partners committed to sustainable development. Ciudad Saludable is based in Peru and works in collaboration with grassroots organizations, public entities, and private enterprises in Peru and other countries in Latin America. The main goal of the organization is improve poverty through efficient solid waste management, which will result in cleaner cities and the creation of jobs.

Various projects have included:

  • Supporting local municipalities in Peru to replicate successful experiences of sustainable systems and solid waste
  • Improving the quality of life of the recycling workers and creating relationships with public and private sectors
  • Creating a sense of responsibility about waste management
  • Encouraging farming communities to use effective waste management systems
  • Creating coalitions to enable municipal landfills that will benefit multiple cities
  • Promoting a system of solid waste management for native communities in the Amazon region
  • Providing workshops about environmental education and the proper handling of solid waste

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(1) “Ciudad Saludable- Solutions for environmental management.” (2009). Accessed 13 July 2010.