Eye Health Online Course

Introduction: Understanding Eye Anatomy, Conditions, Diseases & Safety

Thanks to modern advances in eye care knowledge and technologies, most eye conditions and diseases are now treatable. Unfortunately, due to the global inequitable distribution of health resources, many people, especially the poor, do not have access to basic medical care, let alone eye care. Many become blind because their eye problems simply go untreated. Unite For Sight strives to eliminate preventable blindness worldwide, providing eye care of the highest quality to the disadvantaged. As volunteers will be interacting with patients with eye problems, it is vital for them to have a basic knowledge of the eye and the diseases associated with it. In this course, the volunteer will learn about

Module 1: Eye Anatomy

Module 2: Eye Conditions

Module 3: Eye Diseases

Module 4: The Scourge of Eye Health: Vitamin A Deficiency

Module 5: Eye Safety



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