Module 1: Awareness and Your Call To Action

The Importance of Donations

“Awareness-raising is a worthy activity unto itself, but the reality is that awareness without action results in little change. After all, awareness is supposed to inspire people to act!â€(1) 

Committed people bring change to the world. Fundraising is a vitally important part of any service activity because organizations and institutions that seek to help those in need simply cannot function without funding and can make a much greater impact with increased funding.  For example, $50 can restore a patient’s sight through Unite for Sight.  Unite for Sight's volunteers raise funds by sharing their passion about Unite for Sight with their family and friends.

Tips for Fundraising

While you are fundraising to eliminate preventable blindness worldwide, you are also raising awareness about how others can become involved as well.  People respond very well to passion and commitment on an individual level, so go out there with confidence and tell your story!

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