Summary of Research Results: Erin Dwyer

Unite For Sight Global Impact Fellow volunteers frequently pursue public health research studies in Unite For Sight's Global Impact Lab program. The research topics are developed by Unite For Sight and the partner eye clinics, the research studies are approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB), and the research findings are submitted to the eye clinic partners for program development.

Erin Dwyer, “Patient demographics and perceptions of cataracts in Kumasi, Ghana”

This study evaluated cataract patient perception of individual eye problems and option for surgery. The study found that over 80% of patients were previously aware of the possibility to restore sight, and over 70% had reported previous attempts to do so. Less than half of the participants were familiar with other cataract patients or those who had cataract surgery. Over 99% of participants reported that they were willing to undergo surgery at the time of this study, though approximately 40% said that they required permission to undergo surgery.