Summary of Research Results: Michael Celone

Unite For Sight Global Impact Fellow volunteers frequently pursue public health research studies in Unite For Sight's Global Impact Lab program. The research topics are developed by Unite For Sight and the partner eye clinics, the research studies are approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB), and the research findings are submitted to the eye clinic partners for program development.

Michael Celone, "Barriers to the Uptake of Cataract Surgery in Ghana"

This study aimed to identify barriers to the uptake of surgery among Unite For Sight cataract patients in rural regions of Ghana. Data was collected from 121 adult cataract patients at 18 outreach events. Eight patients (6.6%) ultimately declined surgery due to fear, concerns about transportation to the clinic, the need for a caregiver and lack of family support. Statistical analysis indicated that patients were significantly more likely to refuse surgery if their vision problems did not interfere with daily activities or if their families did not support the procedure. The duration of vision problems was also a contributing factor; patients whose problems had persisted for less than a year were more likely to decline the surgery. Recognizing these barriers will allow Unite For Sight partners to better address patients’ concerns about surgery, but further research is needed into barriers that arise after a verbal decision to receive surgery, but prior to the surgery day.