Summary of Research Results: Niharika Goparaju

Unite For Sight Global Impact Fellow volunteers frequently pursue public health research studies in Unite For Sight's Global Impact Lab program. The research topics are developed by Unite For Sight and the partner eye clinics, the research studies are approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB), and the research findings are submitted to the eye clinic partners for program development.

Niharika Goparaju, “Barriers to cataract surgery for patients in Tamale, Ghana”

This study gathered the perspectives of 122 patients who were primarily in the bottom half of the poverty score index. Major findings revealed that over three-quarters of participants had vision problems interfering with their daily activities prior to outreach, and more than half lacked previous knowledge about the possibility of cataract sight-restoring surgery. Nearly 70% of participants reported that they did not know others with cataracts, and 86% said that they did not know others who had undergone surgery. Although approximately three-quarters of participants believed that they had family support for receiving surgery, 32% of participants declined surgery on the day of outreach, mostly due to a reported fear and a lack of perceived need.