Summary of Research Results: Peter Antkowiak

Unite For Sight Global Impact Fellow volunteers frequently pursue public health research studies in Unite For Sight's Global Impact Lab program. The research topics are developed by Unite For Sight and the partner eye clinics, the research studies are approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB), and the research findings are submitted to the eye clinic partners for program development.

Peter Antkowiak, "Understanding Perceptions of Prescription Eyeglasses in Ghana, Africa"

This study assessed the level of correct knowledge about the purpose of eyeglasses among Unite For Sight clinic partners’ outreach patients in Ghana. This study was conducted with Unite For Sight partners in Ghana from June 1 – June 20, 2013. A total of 168 individuals participated in the study. Participants were asked questions related to socio-economic status, their eye health history, and their knowledge of eyeglasses. Patients’ understanding of eyeglasses was generally poor, with 44.6% of patients scoring 60% or worse. While most patients did correctly believe that eyeglasses could improve visual acuity, overstating the effect of glasses was common, with many subjects believing that glasses could alleviate itching, treat physical trauma and improve cataracts. This analysis shows that how well patients understand eyeglasses follows a pattern according to education with educated patients generally scoring higher. Furthermore, patients who had personally used eyeglasses previously demonstrated improved comprehension of their function.