Clinic Challenges in Resource-Poor Settings Online Course

Healthcare delivery in the developing world is fraught with challenges. Seemingly rudimentary facets of healthcare in the developed world—working electricity, supplies of pharmaceuticals, basic sanitation—are often lacking in the hospitals in resource-poor settings. The global health community must not only identify these difficulties, but also implement innovative solutions. These solutions must be practical, cost-effective, and most importantly, sustainable. Solutions must also be locally-sensitive, involving the communities to grow initiatives from the grassroots level. These challenges are deep-rooted and have great inertia, but these challenges can and must be overcome. This course categorizes the most common obstacles to healthcare delivery and examines a variety of strategies and solutions.

This course is freely and publicly available. It is also part of the Certificate in Global Health Practice. Enroll in the Certificate in Global Health Practice Through Global Health University.

Table of Contents