Module 4: Mobilizing the Community

4.1 Community-based Programs: Action vs. Knowledge(1)

Community involvement is vital in making health communication more efficient. Community-based programs must deliver action-based messages, as opposed to merely knowledge-based messages. For instance, it is better to teach people to take certain measures, or adopt specific health behaviors (e.g. use mosquito nets), to prevent malaria than to simply tell them about the biological aspects of the disease (e.g. life cycle of mosquito larva), given limited time and resources. As such, readily-accessible teaching tools should be developed to teach people essential health behaviors directly and clearly.      

4.2 Community Involvement in Health Communication

Community members can come together to produce skits or dramas that convey specific health messages. Community health achievements could be celebrated with festivals and parties in order to enhance community spirit.

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(1) Adapted from Gottert, Peter. "Six Guiding Principles of Streamlining."