Innovation and Creativity at the Base of the Pyramid

Throughout history, innovation has been a key determinant of economic development. Too often, the general public believes that innovation in the developing world comes exclusively from the West. Members of the base of the economic pyramid (BoP)—the three to four billion who live on less than US$2.50 a day—are perceived to be too uneducated, too poor, or too technologically obtuse to find creative solutions to their own problems. This course focuses primarily on the African experience to demonstrate that these prejudices are false. In recent years, innovative African entrepreneurs, who are sensitive to local needs and challenges, are increasingly becoming prominent in their own communities, but they require access to capital to truly ramp up their projects to the large scale. Increasingly, as African enterprises become more influential, it has become clear that they will demand their fair share of international markets, and their development into multinational companies could prove to be a strong developmental force. As Africa recognizes its burgeoning entrepreneurial base, conferences and institutions to nurture and train this talent are rising in popularity, equipping African entrepreneurs with the tools to succeed.

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Table of Contents