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The Importance of Avoiding Pitfalls in Global Health & Development

Global health and development today is a collection of interconnected and systemic problems. Rather than being a coordinated movement, efforts to improve global health are diverse in their activities and impact. The lack of a clear conception regarding global problems and the lack of a coordinated movement means that the results of global health and development work can be unpredictable.  When NGOs, microfinance organizations, and global partnerships fail to set their standards high, unintended consequences abound.  Such consequences include unsustainable programs, lack of local integration, and poor mechanisms for assessment, transparency, and accountability.  In a world with limited resources, these pitfalls cause waste and often present new problems. Thus, it is important to follow best practices in order to avoid and eliminate pitfalls that have the potential to cause significant harm. The following course outlines pitfalls that can occur in global health and development work, international partnerships, NGOs, volunteer organizations, and microfinance schemes. An awareness of such pitfalls can motivate individuals and organizations to seek best practices and contribute to the growing evidence-based movement in global health.

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