Advice from the 2012 Chapter Fundraiser of the Year

By Yang Li, Columbia University

As President of Columbia University’s chapter of Unite For Sight, I had the honor of working with an impressive group of students to raise over $2100 in our first year as a university-sponsored organization. The process was not easy, but with enough enthusiasm and support from our members and from leaders of other student organizations on campus, our young chapter grew quickly.

Below are some strategies I found useful for running Columbia’s chapter of Unite for Sight, and I hope the following advice will help you lead your chapter!

Fundraising Strategies

MCAT course vouchers – Target fundraising amount for each fundraiser: $1000-$1500

Restaurant fundraisers – Target fundraising amount for each fundraiser: $100-$150

Bake sales – Target fundraising amount for each fundraiser: $100-$150

Study breaks – Target fundraising amount for each fundraiser: $50

Speaker events – Target  fundraising amount for each fundraiser: $30

Organizational Strategies

Promote your club on campus

Club organization

Overall, I suggest looking at what other organizations on campus are doing and to learn from their fundraising successes and failures. Also, connect with students in other global health or pre-med organizations and collaborate with them on events and discussions. By working with other organizations, we benefit by staying connected with global health topics and by reaching a wider audience.