Start A Unite For Sight Global Health Society

Unite For Sight Global Health University volunteers receive hands-on training in effective public health programs, gain skills to become new leaders in public health, and contribute to high-impact change in their local communities.


First, use the Global Health Society Locator to determine whether your school already has a Global Health Society of Unite For Sight. If a Global Health Society already exists, you can join an existing Society. Please contact for details.

Are you a high school, college or university in North America? If there is not already a Global Health Society at your school, please submit the application below.

Becoming a Global Health Society

Starting a Unite For Sight Global Health Society takes three steps:

1. Apply to start a Global Health Society using the application below. If accepted, we will work closely with you to establish a Global Health Society.
2. Recruit at least 5 other students to help lead the Global Health Society.
3. Fundraise at least $50 using an online fundraising page provided by Unite For Sight. After becoming a Global Health Society, your group will hold fundraisers and global health events on campus.

Global Health Society Benefits

Global Health Societies gain access to a variety benefits, including personalized support and mentoring from Unite For Sight staff members, educational resources and opportunities to participate in Unite For Sight’s global health conferences and institutes, and opportunities to meet and work with phenomenal Ghanaian doctors who each provide care to tens of thousands of patients annually.


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Essay Questions

(please be thorough, but succinct. Recommended range of 1-3 paragraphs for each question)

1. How did you hear about Unite For Sight, and why would you like to start a new Global Health Society?
2. Discuss your leadership experience, initiative, and ability to start new programs.
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