Module 1: Introduction

The design of global health technologies has emerged as a revolutionary field combining various industries, from science and engineering to business, social entrepreneurship, and healthcare delivery in low- and middle-income countries. Although the global health platform has recently seen an explosion of innovations tackling the world’s greatest challenges in public health and clinical care, many existing solutions have not been able to achieve the full level of impact necessary for target populations.

It is true that innovation has been driven by the “need for better solutions and for greater technological capabilities,” along with genuine concern for addressing health problems and improving the quality of human life.(1) However, we can only fulfill the potential for impact by ensuring that innovative technologies are appropriate and effective.

To aid in the innovation of effective technologies, we have outlined a design process cycle beginning with the definition of a Global Health Challenge, followed by Brainstorming and Development, Testing and Implementation, Product Development, Delivery, and Scale-Up. Each process (separated into individual modules) is further subdivided into stages to describe the particular components of design. Whether you are just beginning, or are looking for ways to supplement current innovation, it is our hope that this course will serve as a useful resource in designing effective technology.

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(1) World Health Organization. “Medical Devices: Managing the Mismatch.” Geneva: WHO Press, 2010.