Enrollment Instructions to Volunteer Abroad

Volunteers may participate either for one week in Ghana (option A), or for 10 days or more in Ghana, Honduras, or India (option B).

Option A: 1-Week Ghana Program

Participate for one week in Ghana by submitting a basic enrollment form and a $55 registration fee. The 1-week Ghana Program offers open enrollment and does not require an application.

Option B: Global Impact Corps (Ghana, Honduras, India)

If you are interested in participating in India, Honduras, or for more than one week in Ghana, click here to submit the online application and $55 application fee. The application includes short essays, a resume, and two letters of recommendation. A decision on your application will be made within 3 days of receipt of your application and recommendations.

The application allows you to share your interests and motivation with Unite For Sight, and you will have an opportunity to watch several videos and films to learn more about Unite For Sight's programs. Successful applicants to Unite For Sight submit thoughtful short essays that demonstrate dedication and commitment to the volunteer opportunity. Good letters of recommendation are also necessary for acceptance. Accepted Global Impact Fellows demonstrate intellectual curiosity, an interest in global health, cultural competency, integrity, humility, respect for supervisors, cooperative disposition, dedication, and commitment.

Unite For Sight accepts applications on a rolling application deadline, and qualified applicants are therefore accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Programs fill quickly, and we therefore suggest that you apply as soon as you decide that you would like to participate. You may apply more than a full year in advance, or you may apply a few months in advance. If there is still space available, you may apply less than one month in advance of a program, though this is not encouraged since all programs may be filled, and you would have little time to prepare. Those who apply early can lock in their first choice program location and program dates before programs start becoming filled. Our website shows the programs that are currently available and accepting applications, and filled programs are crossed off on the Dates list as soon as they become unavailable.