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Entrepreneurial Volunteering: Global Problem Solving

Unite For Sight motivates and encourages Global Impact Fellows to be proactive and contribute their interests, skills, and talents to further advancing the global health delivery programs. Global Impact Fellows may optionally develop an entrepreneurial volunteering project.


Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Special Advisor to U.N. Secretary General Ban-ki Moon, Speaks About Getting Directly Involved In Global Problem Solving

Examples Of Unite For Sight Entrepreneurial Volunteers

Project Phokas

As a sophomore at Yale University, Michael Nedelman developed Project Phokas, a unique project to raise awareness about eye health. Michael Nedelman's project has since been featured at Unite For Sight's Annual Global Health Conference, as well as on CNN International and Voice of America.

Michael Nedelman raises awareness about global eye care needs by giving photo cameras to patients with newly restored sight. The patients, many of whom never used a camera before, took beautiful photos about what was important to them.

Unite For Sight Inspires Volunteers To Become Young Leaders of Social Change

As a rising sophomore at University of Pennsylvania, Sohani Amarasekera volunteered with Unite For Sight in Chennai, India and was immersed in Unite For Sight's effective global health and eye care programs. Inspired by her volunteer experience, Sohani returned home and immediately began developing her own unique project. She collaborated with clinics and the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka to implement diabetic retinopathy screening clinics that are now providing care to 600 patients per month.

Global Impact Lab

There are relatively few published studies about global health delivery, and Unite For Sight encourages all Global Impact Fellows to consider developing a research study to contribute to knowledge about global eye care needs and solutions. Unite For Sight's Global Impact Fellows who are undergraduate or graduate students are encouraged to develop their own research studies that they pursue while volunteering. The idea, plan, and methods for the study are developed by the student with a faculty mentor at their home university institution, in collaboration with Unite For Sight and the partner eye clinic. They also receive Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval from their university prior to implementing their study. Many students have presented and published the results of their research studies, thereby contributing to ideas and knowledge about eye care in the developing world. Global Impact Fellows pursuing research studies are required to complete Unite For Sight's International Research Online Course and Research Methodology Online Course. Both courses prepare students for the critical ethical and methodological issues involved with research in the developing world. Additional details about the Global Impact Lab program can be seen at

Kristin Ow Chapman Discusses Her Research Project in Bihar, India

Abraar Karan Discusses His Research Project in Chennai, India

Presentations at Unite For Sight's Annual Global Health & Innovation Conference

Unite For Sight annually invites its most stellar Global Impact Fellows to give a presentation about eye care and their Unite For Sight experience at Unite For Sight's Annual Global Health & Innovation Conference. The conference convenes more than 2,200 participants from all 50 states and from 60 countries. The Global Impact Fellows speak about their perspectives on eye care, international volunteerism, and the importance of becoming engaged to solve global problems.

Education Projects

Case Western Reserve University Student Komal Patel developed an education project while volunteering at Kalinga Eye Hospital in Orissa, India. She identified a need to engage children and adults in preventive measures to prevent blindness, prompting her to work with the staff at Kalinga Eye Hospital to develop education programs for children and adults. For children, Komal developed care packages for distribution in Orissa schools. The packages include donated crayons from Crayola, donated flashlights, coloring books, and small plastic eye models. For adults, Komal developed an idea to generate a poster and educational presentations at the eye camps.

Patient Advocacy: "Project Through Their Eyes"

Yale student Abraar Karan pursued a patient advocacy project in Chennai, India, in which he spoke extensively with the local patients to learn about their lives and to educate them about eye health and cataract surgery.

Abraar Karan Discusses His Patient Advocacy Project Entitled "Through Their Eyes"

School Support Program

The entrepreneurial spirit of recent Stanford University graduate Emily Abrash led to Unite For Sight's involvement in and support of Bihar Netraheen Parishad School for Blind Girls. Seeing a need for financial support and assistance to the school while volunteering at A.B. Eye Institute in Bihar, Emily fundraised so that Unite For Sight could provide a grant to Bihar Netraheen Parishad, which was founded by ophthalmologists at A.B. Eye Institute. Details about the school can be seen at

CNN Special Feature: Unite For Sight Supporting India School For Blind Girls

Middle School Students Across Continents

Connecticut middle school teacher Karen King volunteered with Unite For Sight in Accra, Ghana. Karen's participation with Unite For Sight led her to develop pen pal, fundraising, and photo journalism projects with her students in Connecticut. Karen's educational projects have made a tremendous impact on her own students in Connecticut as well as students at Carolyn A. Miller School at Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana.

CNN VideoCNN Feature: Middle School Students Connect Across Continents

Film Projects

While sophomores at Yale University, Rosh Sethi and Roshan Sethi volunteered in New Delhi, India. They realized that Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital could benefit from a short film about their extraordinary services to patients living in extreme poverty. They devoted much of their time at the eye clinic to creating a film about the eye hospital that continues to be used by the clinic on an ongoing basis.

Photo Projects

Dartmouth MPH Student Taygan Yilmaz created a self-published photo book entitled Eye Care Community Outreach: The Ghanaian Experience. He created the book to raise awareness about eye care needs, and the book is now required reading for all Unite For Sight volunteers prior to their participation abroad.