Entrepreneurial Volunteering Training Online Course

We encourage Unite For Sight volunteers to be proactive and entrepreneurial, which enables you to make real, lasting change. Unite For Sight's volunteers are deeply involved and invested in being part of a high impact solution to preventable eye disease. While you are involved in incredible outreach programs that provide eye care to thousands globally every day, you also have an opportunity to develop your own projects and programs that dovetail with Unite For Sight's outreach programs. The diverse talents, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit of Unite For Sight's volunteers help to develop and hone new approaches to the urgent preventable and curable eye care problems that afflict more than 36 million people worldwide. While all volunteers do not develop and implement their own entrepreneurial ideas while volunteering with Unite For Sight, developing your own creative projects and ideas will enable you to experience the thrill of contributing to change on the highest level.

Unite For Sight's entrepreneurial volunteers are often recognized with special Volunteer of the Year Awards, invited to speak at Unite For Sight's Global Health Conference, and selected to be featured on the Unite For Sight website and in newspaper articles and on television segments that air worldwide.

While completing this online training course, we encourage you to think about and develop projects that you would be interested in pursuing while abroad.

Online Training Course