Volunteer Abroad in Ghana, India, and Honduras

Ghana Program Option

Ghana Program

The Ghana Program involves working in cutting-edge, grassroots global health delivery programs with three eye clinics in Accra and with two eye clinics in Kumasi. The five eye clinics provide eye care to patients living in extreme poverty in villages located throughout the country of Ghana. Global Impact Fellows have a unique immersive global health experience while learning from many remarkable Ghanaian doctors.

1-week Ghana volunteers as well as Global Impact Fellow volunteers are eligible to participate in the Ghana Program.


Honduras Program Option

Honduras Program

The Honduras Program involves working with ZOE Eye Clinic to provide eye care in rural areas of Honduras. Global Impact Fellows gain hands-on global health experience while participating in unique grassroots healthcare programs in urban and rural locations.


India Program Options

Dhenkanal, Odisha Program

1The Dhenkanal, Odisha Program involves working with Kalinga Eye Hospital & Research Centre on cutting-edge global health delivery and NGO management projects. Global Impact Fellows gain an immersive understanding about sustainable eye care, global health delivery, local social entrepreneurship, and NGO and clinic management in rural India.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu Program

1Volunteers participating in the Chennai Program live and work with the Senthil family of ophthalmologists, who are the ophthalmologists and directors of Pranav Eye Foundation. Global Impact Fellows participate daily to provide eye care for patients living in poverty in villages near Chennai.

Patna, Bihar Program

2The Patna, Bihar Program involves living and working with the Sinha family of doctors, who are the ophthalmologists and directors of AB Eye Institute. Global Impact Fellows participate daily with the Sinhas to provide eye care to patients living in poverty in the city of Patna.