Suggested Timeline For Pre-Departure Requirements

Global Impact Fellows take varying lengths of time to complete the pre-departure requirements. Some prefer to complete all of the pre-departure requirements within a few days after being accepted, while others prefer to work incrementally on the preparations. We are including below a suggested 16-day timeline, and we urge Global Impact Fellows to follow this step-by-step guide.

Day 1

  • You are accepted to be a Global Impact Fellow. Congratulations!
  • Sign into your volunteer login page.
  • Join Unite For Sight's Facebook Page to stay updated about all of our activities.

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

  • Work on the Global Impact Training. Save your responses in a Word document.
    • Ethics, Quality, and Equality: Unite For Sight Online Global Health Course

Day 12

  • Work on the Global Impact Training. Save your responses in a Word document.
    • Effective Health Education
    • Rumors and Word of Mouth
  • Review your fundraising progress. How much have you fundraised through your Unite For Sight online fundraising page? After one week, most Global Impact Fellows have completed most or all of their fundraising requirement. If you have not completed your fundraising goal, please contact us for fundraising guidance and advice.

Day 13

  • Work on the Global Impact Training. Save your responses in a Word document.
    • Community Eye Health Online Course

Day 14

  • Work on the Global Impact Training. Save your responses in a Word document.
    • How Unite For Sight Works, and Your Role As A Volunteer
    • The Importance of Sustainable Development in Eye Care

Day 15

  • Work on the Global Impact Training. Save your responses in a Word document.
    • Overview of Social Entrepreneurship
    • Overview of Spending at the Base of the Pyramid

Day 16

Two weeks before departure

  • Pack your suitcases! Be sure to review the Packing List Suggestions again.
  • Weigh your luggage to insure that your baggage will not be over the airline weight limit. Each airline has their own weight limit restrictions, so be sure to inquire with all of your scheduled airlines regarding your weight limit.
  • Read the Volunteer-Written Program Manual.
  • Review Advice From Past Fellows.
  • Call your airline to reconfirm your flight itinerary and to verify your arrival time. It is very important that you ensure that you provided us with the correct date and time for your arrival so that we are able to pick you up from the airport.
  • Print Unite For Sight's Program Site Contact Phone Numbers to bring with you abroad.
  • Provide a copy of the Program Site contact phone numbers to your family at home.
  • If you tell your family that you will call upon arriving abroad, remember to call immediately so that your family does not worry. If you say that you will call, but then you do not call, your family will get concerned. If you need help with international calling, the eye clinic staff can assist you.
  • Call your cell phone company to "unlock" your cell phone so that it has international calling capabilities in case of an emergency or flight delay while you're in transit abroad.
  • Review the International SOS Terms & Conditions so that you know when to contact International SOS in case of an emergency. Print a copy of your International SOS Terms & Conditions to bring with you, and print a copy for a family member to keep at home. Bring with you the International SOS Alarm Center phone number.
  • Make a copy of your Passport to leave with a family member at home.
  • Anticipate financial needs: bring local currency, cash, and contact your bank to research ATM availability through your bank in the area where you will be. The eye clinic will help you to exchange USD currency upon arriving in the country.
  • Remove unneeded credit cards from your wallet.
  • Bring adapters for electrical items (see packing list suggestions). Check with an electronics store for your exact needs.
  • Pack required (malaria prophylaxis, etc) and recommended items (hand sanitizer, snack bars, etc).
  • Sheets, pillow cases, and towels in guest houses and hotels abroad are not always as clean as what you may be accustomed to in your own country. If this is important to you, you may want to bring your own top sheet, pillow cases, and towels.
  • Reread the Unite For Sight Volunteer Agreement and Code of Conduct.