Summer 2010: My Experiences as a Global Health Leadership Intern

By Daniel Ting
McGill University Student
Summer 2010 (June 1-July 30) Global Health Leadership Intern

My internship focused on developing teaching resources for the Unite For Sight Global Health University, which provides online resources to instruct the Global Health Impact Corps to achieve impactful and sustainable results as volunteers. More broadly, the information is freely available to the general public as part of a Unite For Sight vision to provide an academic global health presence on the Internet.  

Writing extensively about global health has cultivated my knowledge of world issues. Before my internship, I was interested in global health, specifically in disparities among medical care, but my knowledge on how to enact positive change was only superficial. Now, I recognize some of the nuances of effective global health interventions—such as the emphasis on sanctioning grassroots initiatives to ensure interventions are sustainable. As a medical student interested in engaging in international work, a wider understanding of global health will allow me to engage in projects that promise lasting change. 

During my internship, I produced a number of articles and courses:

Beyond what I learned about global health through research, I was inspired daily by being immersed in a work environment with tremendously passionate individuals who legitimately live and breathe global health. I feel that assembling these individuals together is one of the reasons why Unite For Sight has, without exaggeration or vanity, changed the world both domestically and abroad. I was consistently struck by how much can be done by so few. Indeed, to paraphrase Margaret Mead, such is the pattern of world-changers, a select few who combine the audacity to hope with the commitment to deliver.         

Perhaps my most valuable lesson was not how much I came to know, but how much I remain humbly ignorant of. My internship has opened my eyes to the staggering volume of global health, and has planted a desire to remain a lifelong student of it all.