Spring 2011: My Experiences as a Global Health Leadership Intern

By Chung-Sang Tse
University of Toronto Alumna
Spring 2011 (March 28-May 6) Global Health Leadership Intern

Just as global health issues are multifaceted, complex, and diverse, so are the solutions that address them. Medicine, physicians, and pharmaceuticals are not the only factors in personal health care; sanitation, nutrition, and educational factors, among a host of other vital factors, further contribute to an individual’s well-being. Likewise, there are many ways to address global health issues beyond the premise of donations and short-term missions.

Led by the founder and CEO Jennifer Staple-Clark, Unite For Sight has expanded its strategies to include: providing eye care and surgeries overseas (Global Health Delivery), spreading local awareness of issues abroad (Community-Based Chapters), creating readily accessible and accurate information (Global Health University), and formalizing networking opportunities between individual loci of ideas, experiences, and resources (Global Health and Innovation Conference). As a Global Health Leadership Intern at Unite For Sight’s headquarters in New Haven, Connecticut, I had the privilege to partake in and to learn from a subset of Unite For Sight’s multi-directional approaches:


“Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” How, then, do you find work that interweaves the diverse aspects of medicine, education, global health, research, volunteering and writing? I thought that it was unlikely, perhaps even impossible. In retrospect, then, it is no small wonder that Unite For Sight offered me a seemingly tailor-made position; the Global Health Leadership Internship was an invaluable experience.