Social Entrepreneurship Institute
December 2, 2016
Shubert Theater, New Haven, CT

Present at the Social Entrepreneurship Institute

Four Social Entrepreneurship Institute registrants will be selected to present at the event, and each will give a 5-minute presentation about their organization, current and expected impact, current challenges, and questions for the expert speakers. The presenters will then engage in a conversation with the keynote speakers and with the other expert speakers, on the Shubert Theater stage and in front of the conference audience. The expert speakers will answer questions and offer guidance and advice. The entire audience will then have an opportunity to ask questions of the presenters and the expert speakers. In addition to offering a unique opportunity for the four selected presenters, the Social Entrepreneurship Institute audience will gain extensive insight from the expert speakers about navigating the challenges and complexities of real issues being experienced by the innovators in the audience.

Apply to Present

The presentation opportunity is available to those who register by October 15. The application will be emailed to those who register by October 15. The opportunity to present is optional and available only to those who plan to attend the Social Entrepreneurship Institute for educational and networking purposes, and not to those who wish to attend exclusively for the opportunity to present.

Within several days of registering for the Social Entrepreneurship Institute, you will receive an e-mail with complete application instructions. Summarized instructions are included below for reference.

Presentation Content

Submission Instructions

The video will be evaluated exclusively based on the quality of the presentation, and not based on the quality of the videotaping. Simply videotaping on a mobile device (iphone, ipad, etc.), for example, will be suitable.

The selected presenters will be notified by Unite For Sight and will receive additional instructions for presentation at the Social Entrepreneurship Institute.