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Alumni Opportunities With Unite For Sight

After completing their participation abroad, many alumni volunteers choose to remain active with the organization in a variety of capacities. They represent Unite For Sight in their communities and as Campus Representatives at their universities, participate multiple times in Unite For Sight's programs abroad, start student organization chapters at their universities, participate as Global Health Leadership Interns in the Unite For Sight Office, and pursue full-time employment in the Unite For Sight Office. Additionally, many alumni attend and present at Unite For Sight's annual Global Health & Innovation Conference.

Our Alumni Become New Leaders in Global Health

Volunteering with Unite For Sight offers a valuable opportunity to experience people, culture, medicine, and social change in a new setting that may affect your educational or career goals and further your personal growth. Alumni are inspired and equipped with the tools to develop their own initiatives. For example, as a rising sophomore at University of Pennsylvania, Sohani Amarasekera volunteered with Unite For Sight in Chennai, India, and was immersed in Unite For Sight's global health and eye care programs. Inspired by her volunteer experience, Sohani returned home and immediately began developing her own unique project. She collaborated with clinics and the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka to implement diabetic retinopathy screening clinics that are now providing care to 600 patients per month. In recognition of her leadership and social entrepreneurship, Sohani was selected by Glamour Magazine as a 2009 Top 10 College Woman, and she also received the L'Oreal Beauty of Giving Award.

After participating as a Unite For Sight Global Impact Fellow at Kalinga Eye Hospital in Orissa, India, Larry Cai returned to University of California at Berkeley inspired to share his experience working abroad with other students. He taught a course during Fall 2010 at UC Berkeley about "Ethics of Volunteering in Healthcare," and the course materials were derived from Unite For Sight's Global Impact Training.

Alumni Services

Unite For Sight provides letters of recommendation for its alumni volunteers. The letters are written based on evaluations of each volunteer submitted by the eye clinic to Unite For Sight. Using the details provided in the eye clinic's evaluation, Unite For Sight prepares a comprehensive letter that discusses the role and involvement of the volunteer in the Unite For Sight programs. The letter may also include details about any special entrepreneurial project or research study that a volunteer develops while participating in the Unite For Sight program.