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Funding Advice For Students and Professionals

How do students and professionals usually pay for their travel expenses?

Many students coordinate funding from their universities to cover their travel expenses. Both students and professionals also frequently receive funding for travel expenses from local civic organizations such as local Lion's Clubs or Rotary Clubs. Many towns and cities worldwide have similar civic organizations that provide funding for local community members to travel abroad. Other students, professionals, and/or their families fund their own travel expenses.

Additionally, for those who are optometrists or ophthalmologists, Emirates Airline Foundation has donated airline tickets for these doctors. Additional details can be seen at

What are examples of universities that have recently funded their students to participate in the Unite For Sight Global Impact Corps Program?

The universities listed below have recently funded their students to participate with Unite For Sight. However, this list is not exhaustive, and it simply represents the universities with which Unite For Sight volunteers have coordinated funding. We advise that you contact your university advisors to identify and apply for funding opportunities at your university.

Undergraduate Schools

Medical Schools

Public Health Schools