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Unite For Sight's Support and Mentoring

Unite For Sight provides unparalleled quality support, mentoring, and assistance to our volunteers. After a volunteer enrolls, we work closely with each volunteer as they prepare to participate abroad. You are assigned a personal volunteer counselor who is located in our office in New Haven, Connecticut. Your counselor is available to answer any questions you may have, by telephone or by email.

You will also receive a personal volunteer login page in order to complete your pre-departure preparations and requirements. The volunteer login page includes packing list suggestions, volunteer manuals, program details to remember, advice from past volunteers, contact information for your fellow volunteers, contact information for the partner eye clinic's staff, visa instructions, Embassy registration instructions, and other important resources.

When you arrive abroad, you will work closely with the local medical professionals at the Unite For Sight partner eye clinic. The local ophthalmic nurses, optometrists, ophthalmologists, and other eye clinic staff are committed and attentive to the volunteers. Global health is best learned from Unite For Sight's local social entrepreneur clinician partners who are directly involved in eliminating health and education disparities.

Additionally, all of Unite For Sight's U.S.-based staff and international partners are public health experts who are enthusiastic and committed to teaching and mentoring volunteers about global health. Volunteers are encouraged to inquire further about global health topics that are of personal interest to them by email, phone, or during their international in-field experiences.

It is also important to note that Unite For Sight's support and mentoring do not have any associated cost. All other programs that provide any level of support or educational opportunities to their participants or volunteers charge an administrative "program fee" and/or tuition that often costs thousands of dollars. In contrast, while Unite For Sight's level of professional support far exceeds that of other organizations, Unite For Sight does not have an administrative program fee or tuition expense. Unite For Sight operates in a very cost-effective manner so that the organization does not need to pass along administrative, coordination, or tuition expenses to its Fellows.