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Unite For Sight's Philosophy of International Eye Care

Our high-impact programs are sustainable, apply best practice principles in global health and development, and achieve effective change.We have developed a leading model that is providing high quality, cost-effective care to some of the world's poorest people.

We Apply Best Practices in Public Health & Community Eye Care

Quality Patient Care

We Support Eye Clinics By Investing Human and Financial Resources In Their Social Ventures To Eliminate Patient Barriers To Eye Care

Professional Development For Eye Care Professionals

We Promote Sustainable Development in Eye Care

We Multiply Surgical Capacity

We Create Local Jobs and Empower Families and Communities

We Create a Network For An Exchange of Knowledge

Transparent and Accountable Financial Structure

"We really need to encourage a lot of NGOs interested in eye care to follow Unite For Sight's example and to work from the bottom up. Many NGOs, the way they start, there are a lot of costs and a lot of overhead, and very little actually goes out to benefit those in the program. But in the case of Unite For Sight, they came and got in touch with us. We are a small clinic, and we started outreaches to communities. People started benefiting, the authorities got to know about this and they really appreciated the value of what Unite For Sight is doing..."--Ghanaian ophthalmologist Dr. James Clarke discusses the significance of Unite For Sight's model

Framework Tool To Evaluate Programs of Eye Care Organizations