Our Leading Financial Model

Unite For Sight maintains the highest standards of financial responsibility, and we focus on financial ethics, efficiency, and resource maximization. 100% of all donations go directly to providing eye care for patients living in extreme poverty, and 0% goes to any other purpose. Unite For Sight has other funding sources for the 0.9% administrative and general expenses. Our financial model exceeds the efficiency of other nonprofits by a wide margin. Make a meaningful difference today by donating to Unite For Sight's healthcare delivery programs!

How are we able to allocate 100% of all donations to our eye care programs?

Our staff manages our programs.

Our paid staff members work exclusively on managing our programs: International Eye Care Programs and Global Impact Corps, Global Health & Innovation Conference, and Global Health University.  Our staff works out of our donated office headquarters in downtown New Haven, Connecticut. Staff salaries are not funded by donations, but instead are funded by other revenue.

International programs are locally led and managed.

Our international programs are led and managed by the local eye clinic staff, thereby maintaining and creating local jobs in developing countries. We are proud to invest in the talent of local health professionals at eye clinics in the communities where we work.

We are green and save green.

Our program operations utilize robust pro bono enterprise information management, commerce, and media systems. Our use of streamlined, high-performance electronic systems allows us to maintain few paper files and eliminates the need for staff to complete administrative tasks. It also minimizes our production of environmentally unfriendly paper waste.

Diverse revenue streams.

100% of all donations go to providing eye care for patients living in extreme poverty, and the 0.9% of total costs that are administrative costs or general expenses is funded by other sources. All of our programs are revenue-generating and therefore sustainable.

Fundraising with no expenses.

While most nonprofit organizations spend money to make money, Unite For Sight’s fundraising efforts incur no monetary costs. We do not hold any fundraising events that require expenses; nor do we solicit donations through postal mail or print media. All donation receipts are sent to donors electronically.